bad blogger

Its been, umm, a while since I updated. So much of the beginning of the year has been a blur. My mother was in the rehab facility for nearly two months. Since she’s been home I’ve been (trying) to coordinate the home health care, which is a NIGHTMARE! I spend my free time hiding in my room sleeping or knitting.

I finished my first cardigan. the pattern is called Fig Leaves Cardigan, and its from Madelinetosh. I knitted it in Tosh DK and I absolutely love it. There’s a minor glitch here and there that I caught too late, but nothing terrible. I’ve got another cardigan mostly done, it just needs finishing with the button band.

March came along and I decided to do some Malabrigo March Madness to run down my stash a little bit. I’ve done four projects so far with at least a couple more planned for sure. I admit, I am wearing down a bit. As wonderful as Malabrigo yarn is to work with, I’d like to do some other planned things.

I’ve bought and planted some herbs and flowers. Hopefully they didn’t drown in just over five inches of rain we got over the last couple of days. The sun is supposed to stick around for a few so that should dry them out. I’m determined to have a well stocked herb garden this year, even if it is a container garden, and we need some flowers to lighten things up. Now to just get the pool pump fixed so we can swim when its warm!

new year

The beginning of this year has been, well, emotionally rough. I had to talk my mother into going to a rehab facility so she can get physical therapy on a more intense basis than she could have at home. She needs to get her strength back up so she can stand up and move around. I’m not sure what exactly made her so weak. Maybe it was the swine flu, because she’s been going downhill since then. Plus, I’m pretty sure she had a small stroke back then.

I’ve been knitting to keep myself otherwise occupied. I’m working on a cabled scarf right now.
cozy cabled scarf The pattern is the Irish hiking scarf from Ravelry. It knits up beautifully. I had to do mine in green because, well, its IRISH, right? Plus, if I ever find myself hiking in Ireland, I might want to blend into the scenery. Even the yarn colorway is called “Irelande.”
Ok, that’s lame. Maybe I went overboard with the Irishness, but the name of the color of the yarn was a total coincidence. Really.

Its cold in Florida. We found a lizard, dead, frozen to the wall today-I am serious about that, actually. We just aren’t used to having this many nights at or below freezing and highs only in the 40’s. We’re supposed to get a “wintery mix” on Saturday with possible sleet and flurries. I don’t mind it so much, except having the heat running so much makes me feel dried out.

Christmas was fine, New Years eve was spent with a neighbor/the teenagers best friends parents house. I even managed to lose nearly 10 pounds over the holidays, which is amazing since I made and ate so many cookies. No complaints here.

taking care and feeling evil

My mom is back in the hospital, largely because of me. I called her doctor, the one who wanted her in there in the first place from fluid retention, and asked him to admit her. She agreed reluctantly, but at least she is there getting dialysis to remove the fluid, and she has a wound care teak taking care of her infected legs. I know she’s not happy in there, but she’s not happy at home either.

Her vascular surgeon was in to see her Tuesday night, because she has circulation issues too. He was checking out her legs, looking for a pulse, and sent her out for a scan to see how the flow really is. I spoke to him briefly away from my mom, and he told me if the circulation as bad has he fears, she may lose her left leg. Apparently she saw him this morning and he told her the circulation is really bad but she told me he didn’t have any plans of treatment, which I believe was a fib on her part.

I’ll go see her in a later today. Maybe I can find something out then. But the point of this, boys and girls, its take care of your bodies! You don’t want to lose pieces of it because you didn’t take care.

oink barf and other things

We made it through H1N1 without casualties, which is amazing considering the health of my parents. Since my mother got out of the hospital she’s been having trouble walking. I have NO idea why (especially since she gets around fine when nobody is “watching”). My dad still has this horrible hacking cough, but what can you expect when someone who was diagnosed with throat cancer last year, had a laryngectomy but refused radiation, continues to smoke and drink. I have little doubt the cancer was not fully removed through surgery and has spread.

I’m trying very hard to plan out the holidays so they go smoothly and I don’t die from stress. I’d actually like to attempt to enjoy it, and bake cookies. I am getting some help from my son, but I made the mistake of letting him get Modern Warfare before the work I wanted him to do was done.

I lost the rest somewhere in my head, probably behind the ache.

Dreary weather

I’ll take cloudy and in the 60’s/low 70’s over 90-something any day, I just wish it weren’t so humid. I want to open my windows.

My mother has been in the hospital since Saturday morning. At dialysis she was having trouble breathing, her heart beat was erratic, and her blood pressure was high, so they sent her to the ER. She seemed to be getting better over the first couple of days, but then she seemed to go back downhill. She was having trouble breathing so they decided to test her for H1N1 last night. This morning she FELL. In the hospital. In the cardiac care ward. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but, jeez!
No idea what’s going on or when she might come home. She doesn’t exactly ask the doctor pointed questions, and HIPPA won’t let them talk to me.


Me? I didn’t sleep at all last night, but I feel a nap coming on about zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz