A weekend away

Last weekend Jon took me out to Citrus county on the west coast of Florida. We stayed with a friend of his for the weekend. While we were out there we went on walks outside, hiking in the woods, and made a quick trip to a little beach.


The weather was beautiful, cool and breezy. That part of Florida isn’t overly populated, so there’s plenty of quiet and lots of trees. I collected pine cones! Now I just need to find a craft to do with them.

On Sunday we went for a hike through the woods to a cave. I managed to climb in and out of the cave, which is amazing considering how lousy of shape I’m in. I’d never been in a cave before. We’ll probably go out there again sometime, and I look forward to it.

The weather has been beautiful, which has really helped my mood.We got a little rain and a bit of wind when Sandy was passing by, but no damage. My thoughts with readers who were hit by Sandy. Its a horrible feeling.

I can’t believe the holidays are almost here! I’m looking forward to it. Hope you all are doing well.



Long week

Thank goodness its Thursday, I don’ know how much more of this week I can take. It’s just been a rough one emotionally and within the family. Everyone just seems tense or angry. Its rubbing off on me quite a bit.

I’ve been neglecting my blog lately, again. There have been some changes in my life. I’ve been seeing someone since June. He’s a really great guy and I love spending time with him. He’s genuinely cares and is very patient and kind. We’ve done quite a bit of fun stuff, things I could have blogged about even.

We both enjoy photography so we go places where we can take pictures.  This past Saturday we went downtown to Lake Eola to take night pictures of the skyline. It was quite a lot of fun, and I had quite a few pictures turn out pretty well. I was pleased.

Its 4:37am. I really should be sleeping, but I slept all day so I’m not quite tired enough to fall asleep. I’ve been going through these phases of sleep all day, sleep very little. I’m really over it. I should be happy with my life right now but I still find myself struggling some days. I’ll get through it, though.


It’s that time of year again.

That time when we get to break out a new calendar (I went with flowers this year), take a deep breath and be glad the last year of hell is over. Or at least my last year was hell. If you had a good 2011, good for you!

I wonder when it became a time to make resolutions to change? I could probably find the answer or something like that on wikipedia, but I’d rather wonder and see if one of you smart people know the answer. I haven’t decided if I’m making any resolutions. There are some bad habits I’m changing like not flossing every night, but is that a resolution? Besides, I started it before the new year. I don’t like the weight new years resolutions have. They’re just begging to be failed. I’ll just make some minor adjustments along the way instead.

My new years eve was as exciting as any. I sat at home, actually fell asleep until 11:30. Popped the bubbly (Barefoot Bubbly Moscato-it was good). Turned on Food Network, hopped online, and would have completely missed midnight if it hadn’t been for twitter and the escalation of fireworks. My poor cat was terrified and wouldn’t come out to celebrate with me.

My sleep habits lately are unexplainable. Normally I’d be asleep or falling asleep by now, but I’m trying to stay up and get some laundry done. I fall asleep late, wake up late, stay up for three of four hours, then find it impossible to not fall asleep for a few more hours. So I’m napping between 7-11pm, if not longer. I know that’s why I can’t sleep at night but I have no idea why I get SO exhausted in the evening.I literally can’t help falling asleep. Maybe its just left overs from the chest infection I had.

Oh, of course. Christmas was nice. I got some Miami Dolphins stuff along with Magic and Red Sox shirts. I also got a couple of movies, a dance game for my Wii, Coach and Smokey Bones gift cards, and a sterling silver necklace from Tiffiny. Zach was good to me this year! He got a Kinect, some video games, clothes, the usual gift cards and whatnot. It was a pretty chill day.

Hope you all had a great Christmas and are excited about your new calendar!