2017: Take it or leave it

I’ve been playing with the idea of doing a year in review kind of thing, but I feel like I always end up dwelling on what I should have done instead of what I did do. Plus, at the end of the year I just kind of feel a bit blah anyway. I feel a bit burned out and sad that the holidays are over, I guess. Its hard to define. When I watched yesterdays Vlogbrothers video, and I think John had a pretty good idea of looking back and deciding what to leave in 2017, and what to take into 2018.

What will I leave in 2017? Drinking in excess, because I always seem to flub things up when I do that. Drinking as a way to deal with anxiety and stress, or to make myself feel more social are surefire ways to watch things blow up. Really doing anything in excess is a good thing to leave behind. I also need to leave that ugly voice of doubt that lives in my head in the past, but I also know that’s a process, otherwise she would have been gone a long time ago. I know I need to trust my instincts, and I’m getting better at it.

I’ll be taking my new exercise habits into 2018, and my routines. I do so much better when I stick to a routine. I even handle having that routine thrown off better when I stick to a routine. I’m a planner, I like to be organized, and having routines makes all of everything run more smoothly for me. I’m also taking with my the idea that I can do things on my own, and exploring and trying new things are good for me. Small steps, though.

Here is to an excellent, healthy new year!


Reboot: Month 5

Has it really been five months since I started this thing? Jeez. Doesn’t feel like its been that long.

Move it move it: I mean, eh? I started doing Couch to 5K. Got through week one, did week 2, decided to redo week 2. Haven’t done anything this week because of the weather (or at least that is my excuse to myself), and it just seems like I’ve hit an exhausted point in the year. Was doing yoga, but have fallen off with that, too. I need to find an accountability partner. I know there will be a 30 days of yoga to start the year, which will help, but after that, I need a plan. Giving myself 3 out of 5 for effort.

Clean my plate: I haven’t been keeping track of what I’m eating, and I know that’s not helping. I haven’t been cooking for myself as much. We’ve been eating out more but I at least try to make decent decisions there. I know what I need to do here is just start tracking what I eat again, and planning meals. 2 out of 5.

Honey do: Well? Once again with part of this past month, I’ve left the work to professionals, though there were a couple of household repairs that came up that I took care of myself, which was a pretty good feeling. There’s about to be a major shift in the household living situation, which will free up some space (and frustration) making it a bit easier to really tackle more things. I did manage to get Christmas up and running in a timely fashion, and I have a planner for next year, so I’m going to get to planning. 2.5 out of 5.

Write like a writer who writes: 0 out of 5. (the lack of words should be explanation enough.

Mini mental vacations: Not a stellar effort here, either. 1 out of 5.

Earn my explorer badge: I’m trying to remember if I’ve even done much in the past month. I did finally get myself out to the cat cafe, and then wandered Disney Springs with Kelly. I got a new camera, too, which should lead to some photography outings. Didn’t get myself out as much as I would have liked to, but I did do some “things” so 2.5 out of 5. 

If I’ve learned anything, its that if I fall off the horse, I can get back on again. I can’t let little setbacks totally derail me and make me lose my focus. I also need to set attainable goals so I can see results, and find ways to hold myself accountable. Now I’m going to go work on my planner for next year, and make myself a new to-do list.