Reboot: Month 4

I’m not even going to break it all down. I did not stick to the plan this month. This month was just not good. I knew I would hit one of these eventually, and this was my first big bump.

It started with me getting sick, which threw off my exercise and eating. For some reason, when I get sick, I get HUNGRY, and basically want to eat all the things, which is exactly what I did. I also wasn’t really properly stocked for healthy food, so it was a lot of junk. Being sick made my mood kinda lousy, too, so getting back on track has just not been working. I  haven’t been cooking at home as much either. Been going for things that are convenient because I’ve been overall blah.

Lets throw in the stress of finding and hiring a roofing contractor, then three days of banging and slamming on the roof.  Zach went out of town, and while out of town got engaged. Yes, I knew it was happening, and yes its happy news, but its still kind of a shock when your child decides he wants to get married. I’ve also been having problems with friends that have made me really question WHY I’m friends with these people when I can’t trust them or rely on them.

One thing I’ve realized, though, with getting so off track, is that the exercise and the eating with a bit more care make a BIG difference in how I feel mentally, which then affects how I feel physically. I definitely need to get myself back on track with the holidays and then birthdays coming up. Got myself moving this morning. Now I just need to keep doing it.

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