Girls are stupid and lazy

I’m about ready to quit the world. Definitely ready for a Facebook break, because:

  1. I saw an article on Facebook today about some woman who was upset that she was asked to cover up in a coffee shop because she as wearing a sports bra and pants, but no shirt. She’s a personal trainer, you see, and this is what she wears to work every day, so why not wear it to the coffee shop where other people go in their work attire?
  2. Some girl who works at at JC Penny got sent home for wearing short shorts, a sleeveless shirt, and barely there sandals, and didn’t “understand” why she couldn’t wear that to work because the outfit wasn’t provocative.

This has nothing to do with equal rights, either. This has to do with having some sense of decency, modesty, and caring about how you present yourself in public.

The girl in the sports bra for instance. Yes, I know sports bras come in many pretty colors and patterns, and for a lot of women, its the only top they wear when working out. Key words though–WORKING OUT. Personally, I don’t wear sports bras as tops, not even when I’m working out home alone, because I don’t feel dressed in a sports bra (also, I have boobs), so my opinion might be a little skewed by that. Whether a woman wears something over her sports bra is personal choice these days, but just because they’re ok when you’re jogging, doing yoga, or you’re in the gym, it doesn’t mean its ok to wear them everywhere! Its still a BRA to many people. A guy wouldn’t be served if he came in without a shirt, and a woman in a sports bra is not a woman in a shirt. And seriously, if you’re fit enough to be a personal trainer, it shouldn’t be a strain for you to throw a t-shirt on over your sports bra before you go for coffee. “I didn’t have anything to put on” is a lazy excuse. I think part of this is coming from this bullshit “athlesiure” movement. There’s a time and a place for things, and workout wear is not what you wear to a restaurant. Would you wear a ball gown to the grocery store? I doubt it.

I think it was last month the JC Penney girl popped up. The shorts she’s wearing in the picture are SHORT, I think we can agree. If I’d walked into the store, I never would have guessed she worked there. She looked like she belonged at a picnic, or possibly running a ride at an amusement park, not working in a department store! Look around at your fellow employees–are they dressing that way? I doubt it. Do you walk into other JC Penneys and see employees dressed like this? I doubt it. I know, she says wasn’t “informed” that shorts weren’t part of the dress code. Another lazy excuse. Use your head, girl! She up and QUIT because of that, and posted to twitter about it looking for support? Seriously? I went to a first day on a job wearing a skirt and opened toed shoes. I was politely informed of the dress code that day. Turns out opened toed shoes were only acceptable with pants, and panty hose (ugh) and closed-toed shoes had to be worn with skirts and dresses. Did I feel body shamed? No. Did I get offended and quit? No, because I’m an adult and understand that there are rules! If I’d known before I went to work that day, I would have followed the dress code!

I’ve learned of both of these stories through social media, and I’ve seen headlines for both that have claimed these events sparked “internet outrage.” What’s outrageous is the fact that this is getting press as “body shaming” or not treating women equally. What the outrage should be over is the lack of common sense, and, I’ll say it, decency. I know there are a lot of girls complaining about dress codes at schools “body shaming” them and that boys shouldn’t be distracted by legs, and equal rights and treatment, blah blah. Sorry, lazy excuses. Equal rights is not getting away with whatever the hell you want. Boys have to cover their underwear and wear pants that are a certain length, so if you want to be treated equally, you should have to cover your underwear and wear shorts that are a certain length! You’re still a kid, by the way, and should be listening to the adults. Learning to follow rules now will help you when you’re a grown up. Also, when I was in middle school, our shorts had to be TO THE KNEE and you’re bitching because you can’t wear something that hits above mid thigh? Shut the fuck up!

I’m getting old and grumpy, I suppose. This kind of shit would not have flown when I was a teenager. Hell, sports bra coffee shop woman is 35. I don’t think that would have happened five years ago, even, or at least the news wouldn’t have broadcast it. Woman didn’t walk around in sports bras and leggings, calling it “athleisure.” Its not “athlesiure” its “lazy.” When I was younger, the only “athleisure” you saw was old women in track suits walking around the mall. I don’t wear yoga pants out and about to get tea or to run to the store. I don’t think that’s what they’re for. Its the same reason I wouldn’t wear jeans to a wedding. I also didn’t raise a girl, so I didn’t run into these problems. Zach never gave me trouble about wanting to wear his shorts so his butt hung out. I was guess I was lucky.

I’m in a bad mood. My neck and shoulder are tweaked, and the weather sucks. Venting has helped a tiny bit. Oh, while I’m at it, I guess I might as well say it–GET OFF MY LAWN!

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