Either karma decided to come kick me in the ass after that last post, or Murphy and his law moved in and has overstayed his welcome.

That Friday, my kitchen line backed up. The plumber came and tried to plunge it, leading to the fairly much anticipated death of the disposal. So there I was, looking at a nearly $500 plumbers bill to fix everything, and there was no way I was going to be able to pay for that until the following Tuesday. Luckily, I have really good friends and I bought a disposal and had it installed for a lot less than what the plumber was going to charge, cutting my plumbers bill by over half. We still had to have them come out Tuesday to clean the line because that had to be done through the roof vent, and I was not having friends climb on the roof with a heavy electric auger to try to do it themselves. The sink drain works beautifully now, so yay.

Last Monday, Zach and I went to the cemetery to discuss what we were going to do with my dads ashes. We ended up putting the decision off for a few more days, but ultimately we had him placed in the urn they were giving us (which is exactly like the one my mom is in, go figure) and we brought his ashes home. Hopefully I can get some money from the VA for burial expenses and we can place him then. Otherwise, not sure what we’ll do.

But Monday. Zach had a final after we went to the cemetery. He called me on the way home because the car overheated. Luckily, friends to the rescue again. Jon was able to troubleshoot with Zach over the phone, and Zach got the car home. Later that night Jon came and found the problem was a crack in my radiator. Instead of replacing it, its been JB Weld-ed for now. However, there is still a coolant leak, and some sort of gasket has to be replaced. Plus some other gasket was leaking oil. The oil leaking gasket was replaced this past weekend, and the other gasket will be replaced this weekend. Again, its a good thing to have friends because its only going to cost me parts instead of mechanic expenses too. Also might cost a few home cooked meals, and a few beers, but I’m glad to pay that.

I remained on high alert, waiting for something else to break. The first thing was me. I came down with a nasty cold and pretty much lost my voice for a couple of days. Then the pool pump wouldn’t prime. That is hopefully going to be resolved today. I’m still congested and have a bit of a cough, but I feel much better than I did.

People have really come through for me and been major helpers. I’ve got names and numbers for estate lawyers, I have Mr. Fix-its on call, and friends who will talk me off of a ledge. I am so truly thankful for all of them. And especially, I have Zach, who started decorating the Christmas tree himself because I was sick. Now its beautifully decked with much love and Christmas spirit.

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