Bummer end to the month

I was doing really well for a while there. I was getting up every morning, working out, eating well, feeling good about myself. Then a couple of weeks ago I just crashed. I lost all confidence in myself. I lost my drive. It came on without warning and it seems to have settled in. I’m staying in bed later, not exercising, not keeping track of my eating like I should be. I really don’t know what happened.

They say exercise is supposed to help with depression. My doctor did say it could make anxiety worse, but this doesn’t feel like anxiety. This is just a pit of despair I’m in. I’m picking fights with Jon, I’m getting upset over little things, and bigger things. Stuff is just not going well in my head.

My dad is home from rehab. He got back a week ago. He’s doing his physical therapy by himself, but at least he’s doing it.  I guess its been pretty uneventful having him back. The quiet of no tv was nice while it lasted, though.

I’ve either acquired athletes foot or I’m having an allergic reaction to something I put on my feet. They’ve been itching horribly the past couple of days. I’ve been using allergy medication and athletes foot spray today and one of them is helping. I’m just not sure which. Seems there are a lot of things I’m not sure of these days.

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