Cleanse it

I’m on the third and last day of a Shakeology cleanse. I’m getting all of the nutrients I need by drinking three shakes a day and eating dinner, which is a white protein and  green vegetable, but only having that one meal to chew makes me hungry. Also, I’m detoxing a bit again, so I’m headachy and light-headed. Its really been a case of mind over matter, and I’m pleased I’m actually going to make it through, but oh man do I want a steak tomorrow!

Otherwise I’ve been taking time to myself, thinking about things, trying to take care of myself a bit. Had a massage yesterday, gave myself a mani pedi. Today I got my eyebrows waxed, which is SUCH a thrill, but they look better now and that makes me feel better. I also got to pick up my new glasses yesterday. They’re Tiffany so they have little silver hearts by the hinges. They were 50% off making them extremely reasonably priced, too. Can’t beat that.

Zach is doing most of the visiting to my dad. He’s been really good about it. I explained to him why its hard for me to go there, but I still should drop in at some point this week. Zach says he seems to be doing well, so who knows when he may come home. Its pretty quiet and relaxed without him here, I have to admit.

I hope you all are enjoying your summer. What are you doing? I’m just trying to avoid the heat as much as possible!


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