The stuff keeps rolling in

So last I posted, my dad had been taken to the hospital because of his arm. It turns out he broke his shoulder pretty badly. They wanted to admit him and do surgery the next day. He declined, left AMA, and came home in a sling. He said he needed more time to think about it. He was/is also rather mad at me for calling the paramedics. Honestly I figured they’d come, look at his arm, make a recommendation, he’d refuse, and they would leave. It just didn’t happen that way. He’s managing in the sling, and is doing most of his usual stuff. I just don’t get why he has to be so stubborn.

I’ve been all kinds of tense. Had my back adjusted at the doctor yesterday but now I’m having shooting pains through my lower back. Went in for a massage today, which helped a bit. I should have tried to book a 90 minute session. My blood pressure was a bit high yesterday too. Could be from stress, but it could also be from a medication that I’m on. Guess I’m going to have to monitor that.

My neighbors were having a garage sale today. I was about to leave for my massage appointment when some guy parked his jeep in our driveway. I went out and yelled for the owner. The guy says to me “That’s mine. Just a minute.” Um, excuse me? I yelled “NO. I am leaving NOW.” He came and moved his jeep. Its not like there wasn’t room to park in the street. Not sure what that guys malfunction was. I know what mine was–stress!

Hoping for a relaxing weekend. Would be nice to get in the pool or something. Something easy on my back would be nice.

One thought on “The stuff keeps rolling in

  1. I vote for pool time! And ask your dad if his will is up to date since the infection could kill him. Maybe that will motivate him to go get the surgery 🙂


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