Some changes

February was kind of a rough month. I had a lot of anxiety pretty much every day. I kept myself as busy as possible, did some nice things for myself like getting a haircut, massage, and facial. I’ll be doing those more often.

Jon and I got back together last week. We had a long talk and cleared up some misunderstandings. Turns out he missed me like I missed him. I feel good about it, still a little nervous he’ll change his mind but he says he won’t. I just need a little time to settle again.

I’m at a point where I need to lose weight for my health. I’m going to start a Beachbody program next month and try Shakeology as well. I’m excited and nervous at the same time. I’m worried that with my age, metabolism, slow thyroid, and bad back that I’m going to have problems making any progress. I’ve got quite a bit to lose. I’m in a group on facebook that’s all doing the same program together so I should have some support. Maybe that will make a difference.

I think its nap time now.


2 thoughts on “Some changes

  1. Yay, you! Do nice things for yourself as you acheive goals. I love Goodwill stores for what my mom calls “disposable clothes.” I think of them as interim clothes as I move to smaller sizes.
    We’ve been using Atkins (following the book, not guessing) and my husband called me after he got on his flight to Paris to tell me that it was the first time he could remember in 25 years that he didn’t need a seatbelt extender.
    Anyway, Atkins can groove into a regular family routine without disrupting the non-dieter’s meals too much.
    I am so glad you are looking up and out and that things are better for you 🙂


  2. Yay!!! I’m happy for you. Keep us posted on your diet successes, because I would love to hear how they work. I am on Weight Watchers again for this baby weight and I’m always interested to hear about other methods. FYI, in keeping with Jennifer’s comment, my husband lost a significant amount of weight on Atkins and has kept it off for 12 years, so that’s a good plan too. I would do it but I am unwilling -nay unABLE- to part with carbohydrates.


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