sleepless and a year older

I had a decent birthday. Zach cooked me dinner, and I went out for drinks with my friend Hannah. Got my free cake from Smokey Bones. It wasn’t what I thought I had planned but it was better than just sitting at home.

My sinus infection seems pretty much gone. I only have two more days of antibiotics and I couldn’t be happier. I am so sick of taking them. I swear they make the days feel longer and slower. I know that sounds strange but its true. My back is doing ok. It still hurts if I stand for long. Back to the doctor on Friday for a recheck. I wish he could do something about the knots that have developed in my upper back. I think I need a massage.

Still feeling a bit empty and lonely. I don’t know what to do with myself most of the time. I’m not sleeping well at night, and only take light naps during the day. I’ve developed a cough, and feel a bit like I’m fighting something off. Sleep would really be a nice thing right now.

My life needs some serious changes.

One thought on “sleepless and a year older

  1. When you see your doc ask for a prescription for massage. Insurance will cover if you have a scrip.
    And if you want a change, you have to make it. Go to a different grocery store, wear lip gloss, smile and make eye-contact with everybody.
    And Happy Birthday again!


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