I’m at the point I wish I could just attach the vacuum to my nose and get rid of all of this congestion. I’m feeling really lousy and I’m just so over it. Its like the world is saying ‘Lets see if we can make her birthday a little worse.” Of course its not uncommon for me to get sick for my birthday, unfortunately. I think the stress lately and lack of sleep has made me worse though. I’m on antibiotics, so theoretically I should be starting to feel better, but its not happening.

Still feeling really down and alone and bad about myself. Zach has tickets to the Magic game tonight and asked me to go but I just don’t feel well enough physically or emotionally. I’ve barely been out of bed since Monday even though I’ve not been sleeping. I get up to eat and get water. Zach has been a lot of help and has kept me company. Chloe too of course. What would the reclusive lady do without her cat?

I hope you all find yourselves in a better place.

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