Happy holidays

Ugh I need a shower. Damn House marathon on Oxygen every Thursday.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. I did. I got a Magic shirt and Cinderella DVD from Zach and the cutest beaded owl sculpture from Jon. Zach got lots of Magic “swag” and a nice set of headphones. I gave Jon a fox t-shirt (he loves foxes) and a set of Star Trek glasses.

I was so happy to have Jon over for Christmas. I know I have Zach, but a lot of the time I feel  alone around the holidays. He’s such a great person and I’m so happy to have him in my life. He was very helpful in the kitchen too! At the end of the night he was snoring quietly next to me while Chloe was laying by my feet. I felt so lucky and so satisfied.



Every year I try so hard to make the house feel warm and welcoming, and like the holidays are a special time. It stresses me out. The week before Christmas I was just not feeling like I’d done a good job and pulled myself away from everybody and everything. I think I spent most of the week in bed. It really sucked. I just put too much pressure on myself, I think. I never baked cookies, and that really bothers me.

Not sure what we’ll be doing for New Years Eve. I’ll be spending it with Jon, I know that much. We might get together with a couple of friends and just hang out. Neither one of us is a real wild party person. We’re both very quiet and I think that’s one of the reasons we get along so well. 

 Looking forward to the new year! Hope you are too. I wish you all the best!

3 thoughts on “Happy holidays

  1. I think Christmas stress is inevitable. I didn’t make cookies this year either, and it bothered me, partly because I like doing it but just didn’t have time. I think the secret to happiness is to adjust expectations, but I haven’t quite figured out how.

    Hope you and Jon and Zach and Chloe have a lovely new year’s eve and a happy new year!


  2. I didn’t make cookies, either, but I didn’t stress on it. I spent about a week (19-25) with my mom and that was a good excuse not to bake:) I decided this year was going to be a stress free Christmas – staying with my mom helped make it that way:)


  3. I love the picture of your tree. It has the loveliest warm glow to it. I’m glad you had people you love to spend Christmas with. I know you said your mom loved Christmas, so it must be hard celebrating without her.I know its hard for me without mine.


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