Cheerfully here

I’m feeling rather chipper today. My posture is better, my face is relaxed. I’ve been chatty on twitter and just feel chatty in general, which is not typical for me. Its like a wave has come over me and I feel happy and even confident. My attention is even a little better. If I go out, I’ll put on make-up and try to look decent. Its such a foreign feeling, but a nice one.

I’ve been sleeping well lately. I fall asleep at a semi-decent hour and wake up in the morning, as opposed to sleeping the day away. I’ve even slept through the night without Ambien. I can’t remember the last time I did that. I’ve even gotten out of the house to do things with friends (the few I may have).

My dad is still cancer free. He had a CT scan and a doctors visit this past week. He has a new doctor, who seems very nice and possibly a little more attentive than the last. The only problem is his esophagus has shrunk from treatment, but the doctor says they can dilate it (gag). My dad will have a swallow study later this month, and they’ll decide what to do from there.

I did hear from Chris, the ex-fiance. I’d broken down and sent him a message through Facebook. He replied to say he still thought about Zach and I and he was sorry he wasn’t “cut out” for me but I’m a beautiful person blah blah. He basically blew sunshine up my skirt. I guess I shouldn’t expect more, but at least he wasn’t obnoxious. I have a feeling this will be the last communication between us though.

Zach is spending his summer the lazy way–playing video games and watching sports. He goes to a movie almost every Thursday night for midnight showings of whatever is coming out that interests 19-year-old boys. He’s already got his tickets for Spiderman and Batman. I like having the car around, but it will be kind of nice when school starts again and we settle into a schedule.

It will also be nice when its fall. Mother nature can take this heat and shove it! Ugh!

Be well.

2 thoughts on “Cheerfully here

  1. Heather…so glad you are feeling a bit more “up”. You have had so much to deal with in recent years, I have not doubt it has been a huge struggle for “you” to resuface. Also, so glad to get the positive report on Bobby. I would still love to see him sometime, if he is up to it.


  2. I am so happy for you! Isn’t it a great feeling to wake up and Feel Good? I have been oddly interested in doing some of my former favorite hobbies lately. Maybe the stars are aligned properly for us:)


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