December remember

Well, I’ve gotten all of the decorating done. Now it comes down to finishing shopping, wrapping presents, and doing my Christmas cards. If only I felt like doing something. Sunday’s are always a blah day, I guess.

Really though, they’re all blah days. I know its because deep down I miss my mom so bad. The holidays without her are hard. She wasn’t home for them last year either because she was in the rehab center. I should have brought her home for Christmas. I just should have insisted on it. I didn’t know it was going to be the last one we’d have with her alive.

On top of emotional stress, I haven’t been feeling that well physically either. I’ve been so congested I’ve become a mouth breather. That makes sleep even more difficult. Plus I’ve been waking up at some point so wheezy and having trouble breathing that I have to use my inhaler.

Zach only has a two more weeks of classes. It seems like he just started the semester. He’s already registered for classes for spring. His financial aid finally came in, and they gave it to him in the form of a debit card, so he’s been doing his Christmas shopping. He went out on Black Friday. I never do that-crowds are too big for my liking.

Hope your holiday seasons are off to a good start.

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