Well, so much for posting every day.

We finally placed my mom at the cemetery this past Friday. It was just Zach and me. My dad didn’t go, not that I’m that surprised. It was a bittersweet moment. I didn’t get emotional like I thought I would. There is a very empty spot on my dresser now, though.

I can’t say I’m prepared for Thanskgiving. Going to the grocery tomorrow to pick up what’s needed. Since its just Zach and me, we’re going to do turkey breast instead of a whole turkey. Neither of us is a fan of dark meat. We’re going to do the usual dressing, mashed potatoes, green beans. I think I have Thanksgiving phobia because whenever I think about it I get panicky. I’m worried that everything will go wrong, it will be a mess, my timing will be off. Its not until everything is done that I calm down. I’ve done this successfully for five years, you’d think I’d stop worrying. And its not like I have a big crowd to please either.

I’ve been really lazy lately. I’m not motivate to do anything. I just sit in bed and watch tv or troll the internet. Maybe its the upcoming holidays that have me down, I don’t know. Hopefully my butt will get in gear soon. I still have to finish my shopping and of course there’s decorating. Zach is firmly against me starting that before Thanksgiving. He’s such a party pooper.


I totally meant to join in national blog posting month, but the 1st rolled around and I had nothing to say, no picture to post, etc. So sue me. Only, not.

I’m sitting here with my Christmas spice candle burning, listening to A Very She & Him Christmas. I guess I’m ready for the holidays. I love Christmas time, and so did my mom. I always felt closest to her around the holidays decorating together, making cookies, shopping. I think that’s why I’m ready for them to be here now.

Speaking of mom, after 15 weeks of waiting, the plaque was finally up on her niche, only it wasn’t the niche I picked. It was the one next to it. I went on Monday and got everything straightened out. The wrong number niche was on the paperwork, but they’re fixing it. We’re going to place her on the 18th. Everything is supposed to be fixed by then.

My Uncle James, the one we went to visit in September, passed away from lung cancer at the end of October. His memorial was this past Saturday. Zach and I went, even though my dad didn’t want to. I knew he was going to undergo more chemo because some cancer had shown in his lymph nodes, but apparently from the time they found it to the time chemo was scheduled, it spread rapidly. He spent the last of his life in the hospital. I”m very sad to have lost him. There’s a lot of other crap going on with the family that is positively disastrous, but I’m not going into that right now.

Maybe I will attempt the rest of NaBloPoMo. We’ll have to see if I can come up with things to post.