the blahs

I think my bad habits are really catching up to me now. I feel really lousy and I’ve been having trouble sleeping this week. I wish there was a way I could just drain the bad stuff out of my system. I’ve had too much caffeine, sugar, beer, heavy unhealthy food. My allergies are driving me nuts. When I stand or walk my lower back starts to hurt in as little as five minutes.

I think there needs to be a major adjustment in my food and activity level. I need to go to the grocery and get fresh fruit and veggies. I need to cook healthy meals at home instead of going out so much. I should give up the soda. I need to go to the gym more often. I also need to go to the doctor for blood work and to have my back fixed. I need, I should.

Things have been fairly quiet for the last couple of days. The weather has been a little warm for my liking but that’s ok since I mostly stay inside. There’s so much work that needs to be done in the yard, I need to clean the house. Nothing good or interesting. My life is boring. So all’s the same really.

How do you motivate yourself to exercise and eat right? It seems like it should be so simple to me, especially since I watched my mothers health deteriorate from bad habits. Help?

One thought on “the blahs

  1. You have time – the most important part of that kind of plan. Map what you want, line out your plan, and set a schedule and a menu.
    Monday – 8am, up, scramble two eggs to eat with salsa.
    9:00 am, get ready to go out
    10:00 – get out to the gym, make your exercise plan and get in a short workout
    11:30 – eat a light lunch, salad or wrap, and go to the grocery. Buy as much stuff in a raw state as you can.
    2:00 – home, unload groceries, start a load of laundry. Knit until the laundry is ready to go into the dryer .
    3:40 – laundry into dryer, spend next hour re-organizing one kitchen drawer.
    4:40 – fold and put away laundry. Begin dinner prep.
    6:30 – dinner on table

    Pick days to use to make stock – talk to Jen P about her schedule; she does a lot of great stuff!


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