Into October

I’ve been neglectful again. I should have posted over a week ago but I just didn’t. I’m always worried about running out of words to make a decent blog.

The last Sunday in September, Zach and I went out to my Uncle James’s house in Longwood. It was a birthday party for him. I haven’t seen him in quite a few years. My Aunts Sue, Judy, and Faye were all there, as were my cousins Beth and Brian, James’s kids. I haven’t seen Beth for over 10 years, and hadn’t seen Brian since I was a child. Zach got to meet some of his second cousins, all girls. The group of them didn’t seem to have much to talk about. We had a nice lunch and caught up a bit with everybody. James is in rigging so he’s built this deck that sits about 30 or 40 feet up.

I took this from up there, looking over his land and the springs that run through it. You have to take a wobbly bridge to get up there. Once you’re up there, you find another ladder that goes up to another deck about ten feet higher. It feels like a treehouse.

It was nice to go out there and see everybody. Nice to just go out and be among people. There’s no family on my mom’s side, so its when my dad’s side gets together that I see anybody. Its silly, Uncle James lives like 20 minutes away but we’ll go years between seeing each other.

I’m slowly getting ready for Halloween. October 1st brought us the first bit of fall weather of the season, which was a nice way to usher in the month. I haven’t decided if I’m going to put up my Halloween tree, or just not mess with it this year. I just don’t feel as excited. My mom liked Halloween, but not as much as Christmas. I’ve always loved Halloween. Not sure what’s gotten into me this year.

Hope you lovelies are having a good month so far!



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