a quiet Sunday

I would love to say I’ve been insanely busy or something, but I’ve just been slacking. I need another 30 things to get me blogging more again. Right now I’m just sitting here watching football, so I can take a break and post a little something.

Last week I cleaned the house. Hardcore. It felt good. The house has even stayed tidy all week too. I need to set a regular day that I clean. It can’t be weekends right now with football on and two people glued to TV’s. Monday or Friday seems good. I’ve been cooking more too. I feel domesticated. Not that I haven’t already been domesticated.

Everything else remains the same, I still need to get back to the gym and am having trouble doing it. Lack of energy, all that stuff. I’ve been getting out of the house more but that doesn’t always mean good things.  I can still get myself in trouble. Time to grow up, seriously.

Hope you all are well. Hope you are starting to feel a bit of autumn. We aren’t feeling it here but you will hear from me once we do. I’ll be as happy as a clam.

One thought on “a quiet Sunday

  1. Already feeling Fall in Northwest FL, to my dismay. I live for sun and heat and the thought of the cold days to come is filling me with dread…
    I’m glad you are doing better, though!


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