Which seat should I take? It’s Friday!

One of my spam comments said “Preach it to me brother.” Umm, ok?

I’m having one of those Fridays. I woke up congested, took allergy meds, STILL congested. I don’t know why either.  I’ve been outside but I was congested before I went out. Its actually quite nice outside. Warm, but not humid. Its weird that September has started off so nicely. It’ll be a shame when the usual weather returns.

Zach finished his first full week of college. He seems to like it. I don’t like the fact that he’s working in groups in two of his classes, and he’s not thrilled with one of his groups. I just don’t think group grades are always fair to everyone in the group. He wants to go to the mall. Apparently he can’t go to one UCF game without a UCF t-shirt. I need a couple of things from the mall, too, but I just haven’t felt up to going. So used to just staying in.

I’m going to be getting back to the gym on Monday. I have the motivation in my mind, but physically I’m tired and don’t want to. I know its good for me, it will help my mood and my sleep, but I’ve been enjoying my completely lazy vacation. I have felt like I need to get moving though. Maybe some of the aches and pains from staying in the same positions all of the time will subside.

Hope you all have a good weekend!

3 thoughts on “Which seat should I take? It’s Friday!

  1. I feel exactly as you do about getting back to the gym. I have gained a crazy amount of weight over the last few months, and in my head I’m motivated to get rid of it. I’m just so tired. Like you, I know working out is good for me for all the reasons you listed, but I just don’t think I have it in me.

    Good to hear Zach is liking college. I’m not a fan of working in groups, either. I agree it’s not always fair. Some people just work harder than others, but then get the same grade as those who really did the work. That’s not right!


  2. Working in groups sucks but it is a reflection of the work world (for the most part). He just has to be prepared to carry his share and more – one of the things you learn from group work is setting deadlines and holding people accountable for meeting them and having contingency plans when they don’t.


  3. I think the group thing stinks, but I agree with catazure- it’s pretty necessary in the workplace so they spring it on you early. But it’s not all bad! I met my college BFF in a team assignment in Politics class on my first day of school, and we’re still best friends to this day. It definitely helps when you’re new in school and don’t know many people (or anyone, in my case). We of course ended up being the only ones who did any of the work, but we ratted out our third team member and she got a D while we got A’s. So just make sure he speaks up if he’s getting screwed over. I get that being a tattle tale is wrong (my sister used to call me “Tattle-Taylor”) but if you don’t stand up for yourself nobody will.


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