stops and starts

My dad quit radiation. He had a week to go. The doctor wants to see him to discuss possible ways they could finish it off, but I don’t know that there will be any changing of his mind. The side effects have gotten really bad. His face and neck are swollen, he’s coughing up blood and clots, he’s exhausted, he’s got a “sunburn.” I’m playing phone tag with the doctors office so I don’t know if he’ll be seen tomorrow or not. We all know how I feel about the radiation while he’s still smoking, but that’s beside the point.

Zach has started college. He’s taking speech, psychology, intermediate algebra, and student success. He has psychology and speech with the same professors I had. My speech professor remembers me, but then again, I had three classes with her, and was in the drama club she runs. Zach also got season tickets for UCF’s football games at UCF student price, which makes it $10 per game. He’s going to love that. I think the first game is Saturday, so he’ll probably be gone tailgating for the day.

I counted it out and its been seven weeks since I went and planned the plaque for my parents. Apparently it takes 6-8 weeks but possibly 8-12. If I don’t hear something by next week I may go over there and see if its up, because she said they’re often up before she receives word to contact the family. Just means mom’s urn gets to spend a little more time with me. This month the 25th came and went, and on the 27th I realized I hadn’t dwelled on it being three months that she’s been gone. I’m not sure what that means. Also, Zach came across a photo album of pictures he’d taken with his Fisher Price camera when he was little. There are several pictures of my mom, looking healthy and happy. It has been a long time since I’ve seen her that way.

I’m trying to resolve to get myself back to the gym. I’ve definitely gained weight over the summer and that does not make me happy or comfortable. The last time I went to the gym was the beginning of July, and its not like I’ve been an active person who can miss the gym every once in a while. Also, living on Reese’s mini’s and Coke Zero all day really needs to be addressed as well. A nice, healthy trip to the grocery is in order.

With September a day away, I’m really wanting to replant my herb garden. I know the weather isn’t going to be pleasant yet but it feels like a good time to start. Plus that will get me outside so I can get some vitamin D and fresh air. Plus I’ll have herbs to cook with. I want to plant some flower seeds too, that I’d gotten to plant in the spring. I just have to weed out an area to plant them, which could mean facing the feared lubber grasshopper. Seriously, I hate those things.



3 thoughts on “stops and starts

  1. I hope Zach does well and loves college!

    Sorry to hear about your dad.

    I feel you on the weight gain. Same here. I’m afraid to know how much I gained over the summer. And I have absolutely no desire tomgo to the gym. Sigh…


  2. IDK what a lubber grasshopper is, but now i’m too scared to google it. I guess I’m probably better off not knowing. I hate bugs.

    I watched my dad go through radiation, too, and it’s really horrible. I don’t blame your dad for wanting to quit, but I hope the doctor convinces him to change his mind.

    That’s pretty cool about Zach getting your same professors, too. I hope you do get back into gardening and the gym. I hadn’t been going too often this summer but I forced myself to start back again and am back to going daily. Once you get back in the routine your body starts to crave it and it gets easier, believe me. But if i miss one day it can easily turn into 20, so I actually have to go daily. Plus it affords me the luxury of stealing the broken nachos from J’s tostitos bag without guilt. Mwahahaaha!


  3. Yay on Zach!
    And about your dad – all you can do, you have done. It is his choice. Just accept it with peace knowing you’ve tried.
    And I wish I was going to Dragon Con too – my friend Christine Evans-Arriaga (see her on FB) is a costumer and she is there now!


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