My 200th post. Its only taken me a couple of years to get here. Most of that in the past year. I’m happy to have a few readers now, and other blogs to read. I need to comment more. Remind me to do that.

Things have been going alright this week. On Sunday I scrubbed the bathroom to within and inch of its life. That’s the first physical work I’ve done in a while and it felt good. I’ve gotten out of bed and gotten dressed every day. My allergies have been driving me nuts so I haven’t done a lot, but I have gone out a couple of times. Went with Zach to buy his school books. Really hoping the financial aid comes through. Book prices are insane! I checked on Amazon and didn’t find them any cheaper there. Ugh.

I was thinking today that I haven’t heard from the cemetery about the plaque for my mom. It seems like its been six weeks. Maybe its only been four. I guess it was the end of July when I planned it. We’ll have to wait a week or so into September to have her in-urned, because my dad is going to need a little time to recover from radiation. They told him he would be finished before the side effects kicked in. They lied. He’s feeling really crummy and his mood is draining. He’s got one more week to go. It seems like its always one more week.

Hurricane Irene is beginning her pass by the state. Its been windy today and we had one “squally” storm pass through this afternoon. Seemed to drop a lot of rain in a short time. I guess we might get more tomorrow.

I’ve been watching way too much Food Network, yet I’m not inspired to cook. Part of it is hating my kitchen, part of it is laziness. I’m collecting recipes like crazy but not actually trying any of them out. Not that this is new for me. I think I need to get in the kitchen and make some changes. Clean it up, get rid of stuff that’s clogging the cabinets. Possibly get a six burner gas stove? Yeah that’s a pipe dream.

Hope you all are well.

One thought on “200

  1. Glad you’re building a routine!
    You know that your Dad’s recovery time is probably due to his smoking.
    You sound really good and I am glad. Take some pictures for us! Show us the wild in your back yard, the sweet face of your cat, weeds, anything.
    Oh, and about books – it is a good idea to let him hit a week or two of classes without books for classes that are not science/math based. i never used one of the history/western civ books I ever bought until I got into Art History courses, everything was lecture based and your notes had better be good:)
    The college library is required to stock the text books used but if you want to check them out you have to get there way in advance,


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