bad week

Last week was a real black hole for me. I was exhausted and my sleep schedule was all messed up. I took my dad to radiation on Monday but Zach took him the rest of the week because I was so bleary and tired. On Tuesday I was dizzy and spaced out, still not sure why.

No matter what time I went to bed, I would wake up around 5am and not be able to fall asleep again until I took a nap that afternoon, and sometimes evening. I know that didn’t help my sleep. On Saturday I managed to stay awake most of the day, so when I went to bed that night I slept (aside from waking up every hour) and I also slept all day and in the evening, but I still managed to sleep through the night and woke up around 9-something. Hopefully I can keep this schedule.

I’m really hoping this month just slips by. I’m so tired of summer, not that September is suddenly cooler and fall like. That doesn’t really happen until October, but still, there’s something settling to my mind when its September. Its like I can see the finish line of summer. I totally live in the wrong state.

This week I’m going to try to catch up with chores that have fallen by the wayside, starting with the house. I need to clean clean clean. I’m catching up on laundry today. There’s a forest of weeds that need to be pulled, too. The garage that I cleaned up a bit last year needs attention again.

I’m really missing my mom lately. There are so many things I hear and think “Oh, I need to tell mom about that” and then I remember she’s gone. That played a lot into my week last week. I was feeling incredibly heartbroken. I still am, and imagine I will be for quite a while. It’s been just over two months but I feel like I’ve been missing her for much longer.

5 thoughts on “bad week

  1. Exhaustion, anxiety, depression, loss. You’ve had more than your share. I’m still doing the “I should tell Mom” thing, after over 2 years. You’re doing so much, I hope you can take time for yourself to try to recharge. HUGS.


  2. Sending hugs. It will eventually get easier to get by from day to day, but the missing your mom will always be there.


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