two months, one day

I opened wordpress to find I had 21 spam comments to get rid of. I don’t know why they suddenly shot up like that. Twitter bots, probably, since I have it automatically post to twitter, and I’ve got a bunch of spam bots following me, or at least I consider them spam bots when they are “offering a service” not relevant to my interests. Guess I should do some blocking.

It’s been two months and one day since my mom passed. It feels like she’s been gone so much longer with all of that hospital and nursing home time. The time that she’s actually been gone blends with that in my mind.  Today I went to set up my dads pre-paid cremation. I’ll still have to pay for the urn but the bulk of it will be taken care of (provided he doesn’t die before its paid off). She was trying to talk me into doing mine, or at least reserving a spot next to my parents, but, besides not having the money, I’m not quite ready to do that. I’m guessing they get a commission for each pre-pay they sell. I mean, pre-pay is a good idea and I plan to do it, just not today.

Speaking of google+, you can find me there if you’d like. I kind of like it. Its different from facebook and twitter. I like how I can divide people into circles and then only bug knitting people with knitting babble, or you know, whatever. Or if I just want to read what my non-knitting people are doing, I can do that.

My dad’s radiation is going to be through most of August. They moved his time from 5pm to 10:20am, so no more rush hour through downtown. I’m good with that, but would rather it be a little later. Just because I’m lazy.

I really need to clean the house. I was out picking stuff up and just straightening and doing a little dusting but I had to stop because my sinuses went nuts. I can manage to keep up with the laundry on a weekly basis, but not the house. I don’t know why that is. I can’t stand dust and clutter (well, the clutter never gets that bad). My eyes are still itchy.

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