Getting my dad started on radiation has proved to be tricky. The first day he was supposed to go was Wednesday. I’d been given crappy directions and we couldn’t find the place. They rescheduled for Thursday and we made it. It was at a really crappy time-6pm-and is going to continue to be late afternoon/evening until someone finishes and they can give him a different time slot.

Anyhoo, Thursday he went back to get his treatment. Part of radiation is having the machine be precise, so they have to do a scan first and then line up the machine, then zap him. Through all of this he has to wear some kind of mesh mask that was fitted to his head and face to keep him from moving. Apparently the mask made him very anxious so they didn’t manage to get a treatment in yesterday. His doctor came over to talk to him about what they could do to alleviate the tension. They’re cutting the nose section out of the mask and giving him anti-anxiety meds to take before the treatment. We go back Monday to try it again. If he still freaks out, I don’t know what they’ll do. The doctor said he could talk to a psychologist who could give him breathing and relaxation exercises, but I don’t know that my dad would go for that. Of course, he could surprise me, but I think he’d sooner op out of the radiation.

I went and paid off the rest of the property at the cemetery. I still have to meet with someone over there to plan what’s going on the front of the niche. I’m feeling a little more at ease about it. I want her to have a final place to stay. Right now she’s tipped on her side buried under her teddy bears. Not ideal. I had a place I put her that I felt was safe and sound but my dad had to go and move her. It also makes me feel better to know I’ll have a place to put my dad when he passes, since I bought the space for two. That way if he doesn’t pre-pay his cremation, that’s all I’ll have to take care of. It sucks that I have to think about it that way.

This week has gone by pretty quickly. In fact this month is moving right alone. I hope it keeps up the pace its going at, because I’m quite enjoying not having it drag by. I’ve been keeping up my reading, which is a nice escape. I’m currently reading a book called Apart From the Crowd by Anna McPartlin. She’s an Irish author ,and one of my favorites. This one is going to take me longer than a day to get through, too. Then I suppose I’ll keep plowing through books as I have several that I haven’t read.

If anyone out there knows anything about mid-century and vintage costume jewelry, let me know. I’ve got a bunch of it from my grandmother and great-grandmother that I’d like to sell. I was thinking of selling it on Etsy, but if Ebay would be better, let me know that too. Thank you!