I was up at 7:20 today to take my dad to his rehab swallow study. He can swallow soft foods like pudding and applesauce, and should be able to do anything that can be mashed with a fork soon. There’s still a mass in his throat but its gotten smaller. It means he doesn’t need to spit all the time.

the life insurance money for my mom finally came. My dad agreed to use some of the money to pay off the “property” at the cemetery, so we’ll be able to place my mom there. I think that’s another step I need to progress with the mourning process. Lately I’ve been tearful and just really feeling down. I keep hearing about things and thinking “I should tell mom that,” then remembering she’s gone. I feel like my mind is playing tricks on me.

I’m so tired. I was going to come home and do laundry and clean the house. I got the laundry started, but I just don’t feel like cleaning. My allergies have been acting up anyway, and I’m sore from the gym. I know, I’m full of excuses.

One thought on “early

  1. When my sister died the first thing I tried to do was call her and tell her. My dad said the exact same thing happened to him. My guess is that it’s probably really common when you lose someone close.


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