My dad had three appointments at MD Anderson this week. One with the radiation oncologist, one with his chemo oncologist, and one for radiation prep and a scan. The radiation doctor gave him the same options he gave him a few months ago-6-7 weeks of radiation for a less than 50% chance of beating it, 3-4 weeks of radiation to keep the cancer in check, or do nothing. My dad chose the 3-4 weeks. He’ll go five days a week for about 15 minutes each time. He starts on the 11th. He’ll see the doctor every Monday after radiation just to check in.

Its going to be a long few weeks with lots of driving. I can’t say I’m looking forward to that but my dad needs to do what my dad needs to do. Of course, if he’d one this after the first surgery, we wouldn’t be doing it now, but that point is moot. Zach is going to learn how to get there and back too so I don’t have to drive every day. He’s not doing anything else this summer, so he can at least do that.

I’m still not getting anything done, spending most of my time in bed watching tv or screwing around on the computer. I just don’t have the energy or the drive to do anything else. I’m wondering if it could be from a medication change. I may need to go back to my old dose. My sleeping habits are really messed up too.

I can’t believe its July. The year is half over already. That’s fine with me, really, because I can’t say this has been a good year. Of course with the heat the next few months will feel like they’re dragging by. Its been rainy all week. I wish the entire summer could be like that. Rainy days are cooler and calmer. Maybe I should move to the Pacific northwest. Rain suits me. But I hate earthquakes. What’s a girl to do?


One thought on “radiation

  1. Yes move here!!!!! Nissa and I would love that!!!!

    I totally understand where you’re coming from on the lack of motivation, but don’t let it win. Take advantage of that gorgeous pool, or go for a walk if it’s nice out- just to get some fresh air. Even a tiny bit of exercise improves your mood. Something about endorphins, blah blah blah.


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