I’ve done absolutely nothing useful in the past few days. Well, I did go to the grocery and cook dinner last night, but that’s about it. Otherwise all I feel like doing is lying in bed staring at the clock, the piles of papers, and the stack of laundry that needs to be put away. I have no motivation. When I do feel like doing something, its always trolling the internet. Fail.

Speaking of cooking, it seems like I’ve forgotten how. I got out tongs to flip fish? What was I thinking? Obviously it ended up in pieces. I served nearly raw chicken not that long ago. I used to be able to cook pretty well. I guess after not doing it for so long I’ve lost my confidence. I probably need to cook more to get it back, too. Go figure.

Its been in the upper 90’s here lately. That doesn’t exactly make me want to go out and do things. Instead I prefer to stay in my air conditioned room with my black out curtains. Its no wonder I’m in such a mood. I get no vitamin D. I only go out if I have to, like when its time to put chlorine in the pool. Or if I have to go somewhere. There hasn’t been much rain either. Its shaping up to be a miserable summer.

My dad has made a few changes in his bedroom. He started making the bed yesterday, complete with bedspread. I don’t think I can even remember the last time that happened because my mom always spent the day in bed. Just another sight that makes it obvious my mom isn’t around. Its kind of startling to see. Today he started to go through the months of mail that have piled up over the past several months. I’ve made sure the important bills have been paid, but there’s a lot of other stuff to go through. The piles were kind of starting to drive me crazy, so I guess its a good thing.

Last October I started my A-Z iTunes, where I started at the beginning and planned to listen all the way through the end. I’m about to finish J. Obviously I don’t listen to music every time I’m using my computer or I’d be closer to done. At the rate I’m going though its going to be October again when I finish listening. Maybe if I listened to music and knit, I could get two things done at once, because at the rate I’m going with the shawl I’m knitting it won’t be finished until October either.

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