I’m so proud of my high school graduate. Yesterday was the big day.

The ceremony was very nice. They had THIRTEEN valedictorians. I’ve never heard of such a thing! With my class there was one. They all gave short little speeches, which were very well composed, some even funny. The principle spoke at length about various student achievements. Seeing Zach walk across the stage to get his diploma (cover) was so exciting. At the end they all threw their hats. I cried. Afterwards we met out front and many pictures were taken.

That evening, one of his best friends moms had made reservations at Kobe. I’d never been there before, so it was quite an experience. Very loud that’s for sure, but the food was good, and there was plenty of it. Zach had a great time, and that’s what matters. There’s another family party tomorrow I know Zach is going to. I haven’t decided yet.

I woke up coughing and sniffling. Allergy meds didn’t make the sniffles go away so I’m beginning to think I may be coming down with a stress induced cold. Other than that, there have been quite a few sympathy cards coming in, which I really appreciate. I went to my tattoo artist and he’s drawing up a memorial tattoo for me. He’ll call when he has a design and then I’ll probably be getting it. Not sure when exactly. Maybe next week. Then my dad also has appointments at the end of the week. Not much to distract me between now and then though.

2 thoughts on “proud

  1. I have other friends who have gotten in memorium tattoos but really advise against it.
    Many businesses have personal appearance policies that require tattoos to be covered while you’re on duty; that can get very hot if your tatts are on arms, legs or feet.
    My mom would come back from the grave (if she had passed) to give me unholy hell about getting a tattoo in her memory and I know I will be the same way with my kids. AND, have you seen what tatoos on old people look like? Wrinkled skin eventually reduces art to cartoon…
    Why not put the money into something else, maybe a Queen Palm in a city park with your mom’s name on a brass plate or something?

    Congrats on the boy, many people don’t realize what an accomplishment it is on the parent’s end to get a kid through high school. You’ve done a good job in very trying circumstances:)


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