big changes

My mom is coming home on June 1st. She’s still bed ridden though. We’ll have home health care three times a week, but I don’t know if that’s really going to be enough. We may end up having to hire someone to come out  couple other days of the week. As for getting her to dialysis, that’s going to be tricky. I guess we’ll have to keep using the wheelchair bus service. Getting her in and out of the wheelchair is going to be another adventure on its own.

I’m not really prepared for this, and I admit I’m pretty damn scared by it. She’s going to require more care than I’ve given before, without help at least. I don’t know how much I’m going to be able to count on my father. Zach will help if I need him to but I hate putting that on him.

Speaking of the father, he’s finished chemo. Next he’s supposed to get a CT scan and see the doctor again. Then they’ll decide on radiation, even though its not going to knock the cancer out or anything. Radiation will be a whole other mess with him going (and me taking him) five days out of the week. Such a lot to not really look forward to.

In other news, I got the pool nice and blue, and went for a swim yesterday. It felt really good to get in the water. Yes, I took this picture while I was in the pool. I wouldn’t have had my phone with me but I was waiting for a phone call.

2 thoughts on “big changes

  1. I really hope everything works out. I know it has to be hard. My mom went through this a couple of years back with my grandparents. It takes a very strong person to do what you are doing.

    You’ll be okay. Everything will work out..


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