white girl moves

I found some motivation to start getting myself exercising. This was only yesterday so I’ve only exercised the past two days. Nothing miraculous yet. I spent over 40 minutes on the treadmill both days. I manage to get into a zone and just keep walking, ignoring the 30 minute mark I usually watch for. In addition to gym time, I decided to try Zumba. It looks like a lot of fun. I did the basics DVD this evening to “learn” the steps. I think me doing Zumba is going to be a lot of flailing about, which is not necessarily bad, but I sure felt white with no rhythm at all. It requires balance and coordination, two things I can’t have at the same time. So, like I said, I’ll just flail along as best as I can.

The city planted a tree in our yard.

They are working to replenish the tree canopy for the neighborhood. Since we had no trees in our yard, I wasn’t surprised that they planted one. I think it will be nice to have the tree. Eventually it will grow tall enough to shade the house from the afternoon sun. For whatever reason, Zach is totally apposed to this tree. Too bad.

The question of what’s going to happen with my mother once she runs out of nursing home days is still up in the air. I have to do the medicaid application but I don’t have all of the information, and some of it is going to be hard to come by. I have a feeling my dad isn’t going to be cooperative or know what I need to know. I’m frustrated just thinking about it. If she doesn’t qualify the only thing I can think of is trying to get a hospice to agree to take her.

Hope you’re all having a nice week. Nearly half way through May already. Can you believe it?

One thought on “white girl moves

  1. Zumba is great for you! I should move more, but I am glad for you to get those endorphins zinging happy juice to your brain.
    Remember what I wrote before; let your mom decide where she wants to transition to the next level. If you can’t get all of the info you need for the paperwork, the universe is telling you how it must be. It isn’t on you.


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