Mothers Day

Aren’t I supposed to sleep in? Instead I woke up around 6am. Considering I went to sleep around maybe 2? this is not a good nights sleep for me. Of course, its my own doing. I drank too much, and alcohol turns into a stimulant, so I woke up dizzy and hot with the tv still on. I’m rehydrating now, even though I did pace myself with water last night. Don’t worry, I didn’t drive.

I now know why older guys seem drawn to me. Its because I look sad all the time. Another older guy started to talk to me last night. He was very nice, listened to me talk about the problems with my parents, shared his story of taking care of his parents. Then we just talked. And talked. I haven’t talked to a person like that in a while. I’m sure the wine was what had me talking, but I still feel like I made a friend. And the bartender, OMG he is so cute. I adore him to pieces. I wish I had the nerve to flirt with him. Of course my luck with guys has soured, it seems. I shouldn’t be surprised, at my age. And no, I don’t want to date men old enough to be my father. I want to date the bartender.

Maybe I’ll get the kid to do laundry today and I’ll go to a lake and take pictures. And visit my mother, who is back in the nursing home. A calm day before another busy week would be nice.

2 thoughts on “Mothers Day

  1. You can call me or skype me ANY time, dear. And I realize I’m not a younger hot guy, but I still am a good listener 😀

    I would imagine it’s pretty easy to find old guys in Florida 😀


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