Another late night

I keep falling asleep after dinner, taking a nap much too late. I know that’s contributing to my inability to fall asleep, but its not all of it. Just so many things on my mind lately that I’m restless.

My dad is going to have two more chemo treatments. They felt like he’d recovered enough from the first batch that they’d give him two more doses. Whatever works, I suppose. My mom is doing ok in the hospital. She’s eating well, but she’s taking in too much fluid so she needs extra dialysis tomorrow. I have no idea how long they are going to keep her. Apparently what happened with her fistula was the head, or part of the inner workings, came out. She’s got a permacath for now, but I’d imagine they’d want to fix her fistula at some point. She bled like crazy because they have her on blood thinners. I don’t know why they have someone on dialysis, who gets stuck with needles more than once a week, would be on blood thinners. She and her doctor had decided against it. Guess I have to go into investigator mode.

I went to the gym with new resolve today, telling myself I was going to grab my chance and run with it. Worked out with the trainer pretty hard, but I didn’t do my 30 minutes of cardio because I ended up with a headache. Looking back, walking might have helped with the headache. Duh. I’ll be there again tomorrow, or, well, today if you want to be technical.

Zach has an elementary school reunion to go to in the afternoon. He has so few days left of school. That freaks me out too. All the normalcy I’ve known for the past 12 years is coming to an end. This fall he’ll likely be taking classes at Valencia Community College. I think that’s a good step for him to do at least a year there, if not two. Then he’s guaranteed admission to any state school. I don’t know if he’ll pick UCF or UF. Ok, now I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Right now I’m just focused on the cap and gown that are draped across my chair. All grown up. *sniff*

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