Saturday is alright for movies

Yes, today I am sitting on my butt in bed, still in my pajamas, watching Last Holiday. Tonight I’m going to try to watch Deathly Hallows. Haven’t seen it yet. Whatever the movie, its an escape from reality for a little while.

My mom got out of the hospital and back to the nursing home on Thursday. Friday they sent her back to the hospital because for some inexplicable reason, her fistula started to bleed and they couldn’t get it to stop. I have no idea why that happened. She’s resting now after having dialysis. She’s so exhausted. I don’t know how much more she can take, and that worries me.

My car is fixed and maintained. Its good to get it out of the way. I still need a new motor mount because one is cracked, but apparently its not a major crack and will wait to be fixed. Its nice to have the AC again considering how warm its getting. The pool definitely needs another algae treatment, so I need to get around to that. I’m not sure I’m getting the filter backwashed enough and maybe the algae is hanging around in there. I wish I knew. Guess I’ll just keep trying and asking for advice at the pool store.

I watched the Royal wedding yesterday. I was awake long enough for the ceremony and then passed out again. It was a lovely, long ceremony. I thought Kate’s dress was very demure and appropriate, but young at the same time. Timeless. That’s the word I’m looking for.

Time for The Other Boylen Girl.

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