zen and maintenance, or something

I took my car in to be fixed today. The air bag light was just a bad code. The AC is some little transistor thing that keeps the AC unit cool. They didn’t have the part in so I go back tomorrow morning. Also found out my timing belt needs to be replaced. That’s unfortunately not a cheap repair, but they’re giving me a decent deal on everything. There’s a lot that goes into the timing belt package, I can’t even remember what all it is. There are a couple of other minor things but they can wait. It could be a lot worse, though. At least I found out about the timing belt before it broke or something. Then the repair would be nearly four times more costly.

The pool is looking good. I may have to do one more algae treatment to get rid of all of it, but I’m ok with that. That’s minor work. I need to replace a pipe on the pump, the one that carries the water out when I backwash the pool. Currently I have water spitting everywhere when I do it, and its really annoying. I think I might see if I can enlist my neighbor to help me with that sometime soon. He’s very helpful when I’m trying to fix things and need help. Unless one of you wants to come help? You’re all out of the area? Ho hum.

I got a cleaning bug up my butt yesterday and used it. The house is cleaner than it has been in a while. I also got the box of yarn out of my closet so I can actually get into my closet when I need to. Now I can use my mirror to full length again. I need to crawl in there and organize shoes and stuff. Not really excited about that. There’s a bunch of other stuff that needs a permanent residence outside of my closet as well. It becomes a dump all site for me.

Oh, bother.

2 thoughts on “zen and maintenance, or something

  1. I hope you post pictures of the pool once its clean. Pools are like porn for me. I am soooo jealous.

    I know how you feel with the cleaning- sometimes I go on nesting benders where I can’t take the dirt anymore. Thankfully this doesn’t happen too often 😀


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