who did I piss off?

I had another night where I barely got any sleep and was up at 7am. This has seriously got to stop.

This week, this month, this year, all of it, I feel like I’m just cursed with bad luck. Why do these things keep happening to me and the people I care about? I guess my parents being sick isn’t my bad luck, the causes can be found for their illness, but it does affect me. So do plumbing problems, roof problems, pool problems, car problems.

I had Zach sweep the sides of the pool the other day. This turned the pool green because of mustard algae. I went to the pool store with a water sample and the guy told me what to do. I did all the chemicals yesterday and brushed the pool to stir up the algae (which went against every fiber of my being). The water looks a little better today, or at least it did until I went and stirred things up again. I find brushing the pool to be a very methodical, almost relaxing thing to do, which is weird. I think I felt that way because the algaecide and chlorine are working. I keep having to backwash the filter a bit, but that’s no big deal. This is kind of like a project I can see another end to.

Earlier this week the airbag light on my dash lit up and its not going out, so I figure I’ll have to take it to the dealership. Then yesterday the fan for my AC stopped working. This is not the kind of weather for that, so I need to get that fixed first thing next week. I can’t be hauling my dad around with no AC.  They did say the airbag light might be just the buckle, so please cross your fingers that that is all it is.

I must depart soon for my knit-a-long/class thing. We’re working on a shawl. Mine will be a lovely light blue. It will give me something to do while I sit around waiting for my car next week.

Also, it seems I’ve forgotten how to use my camera. Have to start practicing again, I guess.

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