Monday Monday

My dad had a doctors appointment this morning. Apparently its not a problem that he missed his chemo appointment on Friday. The medicine he’s getting now is not considered a chemo med, its just some sort of blocker. In two weeks the doctor will decide if his last two treatments will be full chemo and not just this erbitux he’s getting now. He sees the surgeon on Thursday so I guess we may find out if surgery for the hole in his throat is still a possibility.

The rehab/nursing home called me today to see if my mom would be coming back there when she’s released from the hospital. I don’t know what else we can do. She still needs some rehab. I understand that they’re concerned because she’s been in the hospital so much, but its not been their fault. The social worker also said that if she’s going to be DNR, she needs to have a legal one before she goes back. Lovely thought, right?

The power company sent us a letter stating that since the account is technically in the name of an estate, it had to be changed to the name of the homeowner, so that $645 to change the name had to be spent. They were “nice” enough to split it into two payments. I still think its ridiculous. I shouldn’t have called, I guess. I shouldn’t have been honest. I should have pretended to be my dead grandmother I guess. Honesty hits you financially. The world is not a fair place.

So suffice it to say I’m not in a great mood. I cancelled my gym appointment with my trainer because I just couldn’t imagine doing it. I feel like there is something inside me that needs to be centered, and I need to focus on figuring that out. I should be able to exercise through it, but I just feel stretched so thin that one less thing to do was a nice idea. I mean, I feel like I have too many things to do and I can’t get them done, and I get exhausted before I even try to do anything. Then I get upset with myself for not doing stuff. I feel like I’m in a no win situation. I need to find someone to talk things through with, maybe. A therapist? We all know I could use one.

One thought on “Monday Monday

  1. It never ceases to amaze me how honesty always seems to bite people in the ass, doesn’t it? Well, at least your karma will be all the better for it.


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