Not so bad and a bit weird

The plumbing problem was not the drain field. At least not for now (I still think there is a problem with them-they are 50 years old, but if they can hold off being replaced that’s fine). They replaced part of a pipe that goes into the septic tank because the old line was corroded. Still had a little trouble getting the washer to drain but eventually with enough snaking it worked. Hopefully it holds longer than five months this time.

The owner of the septic company that did it has a thing for me  so I got a decent discount and it didn’t cost quite what I was afraid it was going to cost. I’m not making assumptions about that thing he has, he asked me out. I managed to get a week before he calls me, but then I don’t know what I’ll do. Nice guy, not my type, a little old for me. I feel kind of like I should have a drink with him since he gave me such a cut rate, and I might need that cut rate again in the future, but that’s pretty much whoring myself out, isn’t it? Or is it since the work is already done? Well shit.

My mom is still in the hospital. Yesterday all she did was sleep while I was there. It was a dialysis day, so she was worn out. I decided I would call her before I went today and SURPRISE! She’s been transferred to Florida Hospital South! And nobody called to tell me! I don’t know if its because of HIPPA that they didn’t let me know, or they assumed she had no family since she came from a nursing home. So I would have gone to Winter Park Hospital and walked into some strangers room. That would have been the highlight of my day. Of course, last time she was in Winter Park they discharged her without letting me know. I’d rather she just not go there. The level of care is not on par with South, and South lets me know when she’s discharged and usually when she’s been moved to another unit.

Went out last night. Had too much “fun” again. At least there is no chance I’ll go out tonight. Supernatural is new! My Friday’s are booked through the end of the season.

Oh, also, last notes. My dad refused to go to chemo today because it was “too early.” He’ll have to deal with the doctor on Monday. I think that has got to be the dumbest reason. Hopefully it won’t screw him up too much. Also,

New shoes make me happy. I want them in more colors. Now.

One thought on “Not so bad and a bit weird

  1. Those Shoez are too cute!

    I think I’d meet the septic guy for a drink/coffee. You may like him more than you know right now. And if you don’t, you should tell him so he stops pining for you.
    “Bob, I really appreciate your kindness and am flattered that you want to go out with me. I guess you’ve noticed that I’m going through a lot with my parents’ health problems so your attention has given me a boost.”
    Then you either segue into:
    “Right now, though, I am not interested in dating anyone”
    “I am interested in starting to date a little again but I don’t think you and I have much in common”
    Fly your freak flag and talk about all of the stuff you like that mundanes might find odd. For me, that would be Star Trek, reality shows, international travel that includes grocery store visits, a vehement dislike of Rick Scott, tea-partiers, the right wing in general and tax breaks for the rich.
    You must have something that could run him off, just think:)


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