one of those weeks

This is turning out to be a somewhat stressful week. I won’t know the full brunt of the stress until sometime tomorrow, though.

On Monday I got a call from the nursing home that they’d sent my mom to the hospital (this is a week after she’d gotten out). She couldn’t move her left side. The hospital said she definitely had a stroke, but it doesn’t seem to have major lasting effects. She’s already regained some movement in her left side. I was so happy to see that today. They still need to do an MRI. I guess they went to do one today but she couldn’t hold still long enough. Hopefully the second time will be the charm. I’m still worried about her recovery after all of this. I know she won’t be as strong as she’s been in the past, but she needs to be able to move independently.

The other stressor is the washing machine backing up when it drains. The plumber came and cleaned out the line, which didn’t fix it. The septic tank is full, which is insane since it was pumped in November. This means we have a bad drain field. The septic tank people will be here tomorrow to check everything out. I’m not sure how much it costs to have a drain field replaced, and I’m afraid to find out. Actually, I think we have two bad drain fields. We have two septic tanks-one for kitchen/laundry and one for the bathrooms. I just have this gut feeling they are both bad. Usually the grass over a drain field grows faster than the rest of the grass because of the extra water, but there’s no difference anymore.

I’ve been handling the stress pretty well, I think. I’ve been extra tired. Last night I was up with a stabbing pain in my right side. Its down to a dull ache. I’ve gotten to the gym twice this week. Meant to go three but I just didn’t get myself there yesterday. Otherwise, I’ve been well behaved. Still not finding the desire to do my usual things though, no pictures, no knitting, still haven’t put away my clean laundry. My brain just feels a bit clouded.

2 thoughts on “one of those weeks

  1. Are you kidding me? That your brain is only a little cloudy is amazing to me. Laundry schmaundry. Just do it whenever! I feel so bad for your poor mother. I hope she’s doing better. I wish i knew about septic tanks but I’d definitely get a few quotes once you know what the exact problem is.


  2. Septic tanks are a big pain, but apparently its cheaper than being on city sewers.
    The thing that worries me so much about my mother is so many things happening in such a short time. It feels like she’ll never get home.


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