Born in Florida, supposedly

I was just commenting over on Geoff’s blog that I haven’t been to the beach in six years. Zach goes with his friends often. I just, don’t. I don’t like the crowds, I get burned, I have to drive home, all of that stuff keeps me away. I remember a really good weekend in 2002 when Zach and I stayed overnight in Treasure Island and went to the beach and went boating. Really liked the west coast beaches.

Generally, though, I don’t like to be out in the heat and sun, which is why its odd that I enjoy gardening and own a bathing suit. Just this week its been hot, and I’ve been withering. The pool is getting close to swimmable, even. I just need to clean it. (at least the water is clear)

I’ve been a complete lazy oaf this weekend. I watched movies in bed all day Saturday, and today I’ve just been sitting around, plus doing laundry. Learned that the kitchen/laundry line is backed up AGAIN (like it was in November, plumbing hell month, too). Have to call the plumber tomorrow. Why does the plumbing have to go and stress me out? First world problems. At least it didn’t crop up until I was washing the last load of clothes.

I’m not inspired to do anything. Haven’t felt like picking up the camera, don’t feel like knitting, don’t want to go to the gym, still have plants waiting for pots and a million weeds to pull. I just want to watch movies and be completely lazy. Its the heat, I’m telling you. The summer is going to thwart my weight loss goal. Except maybe not because I can always exercise in the AC at the gym or at home. Just got new pilates DVD’s this week.

An iPhone sunset from the front seat of my car.

Oh, I’d mentioned I was going back to blonde a couple of weeks ago. Didn’t happen. Decided to stay dark. Its more interesting on me I think.

So ends this rambling, running thought blog.

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