Rick Scott sucks

I was visiting my mom and watching the 5:00 news with her. Seems our Governor Rick Scott has cut funding to the 15% MOST DISABLED people in the state. These people are now ending up in group homes instead of with their families, because home health nurses can no longer be provided. This brought me to tears. How heartless. He also wants to turn Medicaid into a privatized HMO? Isn’t that like the opposite of what Medicaid is supposed to be? I’m not going to pretend for a second that I ever liked Rick Scott, but now I just want to beat the crap out of him.

I’m very sensitive about medical issues and insurance and getting help to people who need medical help. Well, of course I am.

Speaking of, my mom is out of the hospital after a month long stay. Medicare will cover about 30 more days in the rehab center. I have to talk to the business manager about secondary insurance picking some up because when she got to the rehab place the other day, she couldn’t even stand. I don’t know what went on with physical therapy in the hospital after she had her surgery, but there’s a definite disconnect somewhere. It could be on her, she might have not been cooperative, I have no idea, but getting someone from not standing to walking in 30 days, particularly someone who was already weak? Fat chance.

As for my dad, we met with the radiation oncologist yesterday. I’m going to call him Dr. Brutally Honest. He’s the first one that really explained how expansive the tumor is/was. Not only was it all throughout his throat and close to going in his mouth, it had expanded into his chest cavity. That I did not know. I’ve seen the scans, but I’m not trained to read them. I just looked where the doctor pointed and saw gray amongst gray white and black.

So Dr. Brutally Honest goes on to tell us that this cancer will not be cured. He said if my dad went through intensive radiation- 7 weeks for 30 minutes daily-there is maybe a 20% chance it would go away. He also said that since my dad is weakened from chemo, he would no doubt be spending part of that time in the hospital. His other option is to finish the second round of chemo and then reassess, and possibly do 2-3 weeks of radiation at shorter intervals, like 10 minutes each time. My dad chose option 2. I can’t blame him, its his body, his decision. He knows what his limits are. I think at this point my dad just wants to get well enough to have the surgery to fix his throat so he can swallow again.

I’m not angry at the doctor for being so honest. I appreciated it. I’ve had a feeling that this wouldn’t have a sunshine and rainbows outcome, but nobody had talked about the odds being so much against the cancer going away. I’d like to kick my dad for not getting radiation after the first round with this in 2008, but I’m guessing kicking cancer patients is frowned upon.

Besides, he asked me to knit him a hat! I love to knit hats! Actually he said he didn’t care if I knit it or bought it, but fat chance of finding one in a store this time of year.

2 thoughts on “Rick Scott sucks

  1. Honey, I HATE Rick Scott. He vilifies state workers, wants to rob them of their benefits – and there is the issue you’ve brought up which is going to rob a lot of people of their independence and ability to lead lives as normal as physically possible.
    He is a bad man, a thief, concerned only with making mre money for he and his friends, bedamned to doing what’s right.
    I’m glad the doctor was so forth-right with you. I’d say that your Dad may want to (if he hasn’t already) start considering his end-of-life decisions. Those are crappy odds.


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