Saturday night’s alright for ice cream

Double dark chocolate ice cream, that is. Actually, it was gelato. Must be proper now. Italian ice cream is extra special, and healthy.

I feel like this blog needs a picture.

I took this picture a couple of years ago, when I first got my 50mm lens. However, the photo remains relevant. This cat is still around, stalking me for food and keeping me company when I’m bored. She’s a spoiled princess. I was going to go to Lake Lily to take pictures but after visiting mom and going to the grocery (finally), it was later in the day than I wanted to go. Plus there were a few drops of rain here and there. Maybe I’ll take my camera to the hospital with me tomorrow and stop on the way home. Weather and time permitting.

When I go to the grocery, I’m pro at getting fruit to have around. I get some every time. But when it comes to vegetables, I look at them and draw a blank. I don’t know which ones to get. I think some of this is Publix fault, because the produce section is set up with the fruit stacked plentifully in the center, and the vegetables not as fully stocked on the outer edges. I’m so used to preparing mostly frozen vegetables, and I’m the only one home who is eating them now (except for the guinea pigs). Ahh, catch 22.

Regardless, Zach and I ran up to the bookstore tonight because I was bored. I went for a knitting magazine and came home with a Mediterranean cookbook (and my knitting magazine). I was looking through the cookbook, and everything was so fresh and simple. Things I can really see myself cooking and eating regularly. That should give me more vegetable inspiration I suppose. Now if I start eating better, and going to the gym, hopefully the pounds will start to go away. I think the gym is that real key component that I’m leaving out by only going once a week. I was just talking about that the other day.  I just need to find a way to hold myself accountable.

Funny how this went from gelato to the gym.

Tomorrow Zach is back at Bay Hill to watch the final round, so I can do things at my own pace. I should do laundry, but should is such an ugly word. Should needs to be replaced with something. Like when I say “I should go to the gym.” Should is not a motivator! What’s your motivator?


One thought on “Saturday night’s alright for ice cream

  1. Next time you’re at Publix look on the canned veg aisle and get some of the store brand “Veggie Green” green beans. Better tasting than frozen, much like fresh that haven’t been overcooked.
    I am hooked.
    Oh, and try sayin “I want to..” instead of “I should” and do stuff to make whatever “it” is more desireable. I use Mrs Meyer’s basil laundry stuff to make that task an “I want to.”


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