Now I know its Wednesday


There are two extra teenagers here. They came to build an electric car that’s due tomorrow in their physics class. They got something to work, so good on them. I certainly would have been baffled by it. I don’t know nothin’ bout buildin’ no models.

I have purchased plants to be planted.

Mostly herbs to redo my potted herb garden that fell to the heat and my hatred of the heat. You would think I would give up, knowing the summers here are obnoxious, but I keep on getting plants. Several have been sitting around waiting for me to plant them for a few weeks now. My allergies (which are doing a lot better thanks to Allegra), pure laziness, and lack of planning have kept me from doing so. I mean, I could have been out there today putting plants to pot, but nooo. I stayed in all day. Well, No, I went out to put chlorine in the pool and check the chemicals, but that’s it. I came back in.

I think I’m just daunted by the sheer amount of work that needs to be done outside.There are weeds weeds weeds, far as the eye can see. There are leaves to clean up from the neighbors trees, the patio is messy. The pool deck needs to be cleaned, and so does the pool. And all of that is just the back yard. I haven’t walked around the back yard to see what survived last years plantings because the weeds are up to my knees practically. Oh why must it be such a mess???

I supposed something will get me off of my rump sooner than later. Maybe if I can coax Zach out to work too, so I feel like there is more being accomplished. That might do it.