I thought it was Wednesday all day

That really does throw your mind off for the day. I kept having to correct myself and remind myself it was Tuesday.

My dad was sprung from MD Anderson today. While I was driving there to pick him up, I was feeling pretty proud of myself for not being scared of downtown, and not worrying about getting lost anymore. I know what a lot of the buildings are, I know how to get to Lake Eola now, and I’ve discovered there are lots of neat things I want to go and take a better look at. I think I’m going to start before downtown, though, and go to the Ivanhoe area. But speaking of downtown, there was one picture from Saturday that turned out alright.

Its the giant asparagus in front of city hall! Actually its called the Tower of Light, which I don’t understand because a) its in the shadow of tall buildings so the light doesn’t really get to it, and b) it doesn’t light up at night. I think those are a couple of the reasons its called the giant asparagus.

The mother is still in the hospital. I didn’t get to stop and see her because someone else was antsy about coming home, and I’d had a doctors appointment earlier. I talked to her briefly and she’s alright, but still in pain. I’m afraid she may be for a while. I’ve definitely got to get there tomorrow to see her. Hopefully she won’t be in dialysis like she was yesterday when I went to see her and couldn’t see her. The father is supposedly restarting chemo next Friday. Joy.