over the weekend

I am so wiped out right now I could probably fall asleep right now, but I’ve got clothes in the washing machine, plus a few dishes to do.

I guess this was a fairly eventful weekend, as my weekends go. Today, along with laundry, I got an oil change, got my car washed, and went to Lowes, though I didn’t look at everything at Lowes I had intended on looking at. I got distracted. Happens easily.

Yesterday after going to see my dad at MD Anderson and mom at Florida Hospital (so convenient to have them in two separate places that are five miles apart), Zach and I stopped by the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival. I hadn’t been in five years, so it was a nice treat to go. I bought a couple of black and whites, and enjoyed looking at a lot of other stuff that was priced too high. I love art glass, and they had plenty there.

This bowl was by Rich Fizer. He had a lot of interesting vases, bowls, and lots and lots of fish.

This was by Bill Slade. He had several interesting shapes and stacked glass pieces.

These I believe were by Brian Becher. I knew I should have grabbed business cards. I adored the piece on the right, but obviously it wasn’t coming home with me.

These I believe were by Scott Gamble (no website). Unfortunately the real detail doesn’t show in this size picture. Finally,

This fancy weather vane from someone whose work I cannot find in the guide book. Again, should have grabbed cards. I’ll remember that next year.

It was nice to be outside, it was nice to take pictures. Ran into an old friend from Valencia too. I took pictures of downtown on the way to MD Anderson but they are all over exposed (and taken through the windshield-Zach was driving). I’ll get downtown to take pictures sometime. As for my allergies, which should have drown me batshit at the art festival due to all of the oak trees, were not so bad. I guess Allegra works.

I have a busy week ahead of me with appointments and errands. Its kind of nice to be busy. Now, those dishes.


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