Mom had bypass surgery in her leg yesterday. Today she looked so worn out and was in pain. She was also on dialysis when I was visiting so she was extra tired. I imagine she’ll be in the hospital for several more days. The one doctor still wants to remove those bad parts of her toes. I mentioned something about it to her today but it didn’t seem a concern because her toes were not the source of her pain.

My dad also went into the hospital last night. He had his CT in the morning, and they were afraid he had an infection in his abdomen. Another CT today ruled that out, but the area around his feeding tube is still infected so he’s there for at least another night. I’d prefer they’d keep him there  until the infection clears up but I doubt that will happen. At least as his body recovers from the chemo he’ll heal faster.

I’m being held hostage by my allergies. I feel horrible. I’m ready to chop down every oak tree I find. I want to go to the art festival this weekend but I’m afraid I’d sneeze on everyones stuff.

Enough from me. I’m ready for bed.

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