Today was not the best day. I didn’t fall asleep last night. I finally dozed off around 7am. Woke up early afternoon to messages from two of my mothers doctors.

First one I called was her vascular doctor/surgeon. He wasn’t able to restore circulation in her left leg, so they are going to do a bypass surgery to try to save it. Hopefully they can or they’ll have to amputate. The second was ┬áher foot doctor who cleaned the wound on her feet today and took care of her nails. Two toes on her right foot have ulcers down to the bone. They won’t heal, so he recommends cutting off part of the toes, otherwise she’ll be in pain all the time. I have to convince her to do this, because when he asked her this morning pre-surgery if he could cut anything off she said no. She also apparently has a gangrenous toe on her left foot but that’s not the bigger issue. Its best that she have the toes done soon while her circulation is at its peak.

The recovery time for the bypass is three months. I don’t know what that means exactly, I should have asked what about it takes three months. If they have to amputate, I don’t know that we could bring her back home, because I can’t lift her, and i doubt she would work well with a prosthesis. It would probably make her more prone to falls.

Hopefully I’ll sleep tonight because tomorrow morning is my dad’s CT, and then results on Thursday. I’m holding onto all of the optimistic thoughts I can muster. I’d appreciate yours, too.