totally lazy

It’s been beautiful outside today. Sun shining, temperatures just right, and I’ve been inside avoiding that stupid oak pollen. My nose is raw from blowing snot, I have a perpetual sinus headache, and that makes me Cranky McCrankerpants. I needed to go a couple of places, too, but, this is embarrassing, I put my bra in the laundry, and I can’t find another one even though I know I have another one that fits. Its not like I can just go braless in public either. Its too obvious. So today hasn’t totally gone my way. Damn oak trees.

I had a rockin’ Saturday night. I cleaned my room while I half way watched Bobby’s Ireland on the Food Network. I still need to finish taking pictures down, patch holes, touch up the paint where necessary from holes, and hang new pictures. I’ve got a bunch just sitting, waiting to be hung. Of course, I want to rearrange my furniture, and that requires the help of the teenager. He’s been told, but he hasn’t seemed motivated to help me. Guess I have to start a fire under his ass. Possibly literally.

I’m trying to get myself back to taking pictures.

This is the last Amaryllis for the beginning of the year. Of course I’m saving the bulbs to “force” again next winter. I think both of my bulbs put up three stems of flowers, which is pretty darn good. One of the bulbs was new this year, and this one was from last year. ┬áRight now I’m wishing I’d gotten some tulips to force. I love tulips. Too bad they don’t grow here, along with a long list of other flowers I love.

Its still light out and I’m very thrown off because its an hour later than I think it is. I hate daylight saving time for that. Losing an hour sucks. Sure, I’ll get it back in the fall, but I’d rather not mess around with time like we do. Does any other country do it? Seriously.

I’m sure I had more to say, but I’m not remembering it. I blame the oak trees.