Talking to adults

I had the extreme pleasure of having dinner with Geoff, his wife Jen, and their adorable daughter Rowan. We went to Sweet Tomatoes so I loaded up on veggies. I was going to go for more salad but I ate soup instead. Wait, we’re not talking about what I ate, we’re talking about the fact that I actually met up with adult humans I’m not related to, had a meal and a conversation! A lot of times when you meet up with new people, it can feel a little awkward, but I thought things were pretty mellow. I wasn’t the best conversationalist due to benadryl brain. I had a bunch of things I could think of to talk about while I was on the way but then I went duh. I’m sure I’ll see them again though. I could get used to having adult friends. I need to get away from home sometimes.

Just because I’m not doing 365 right now doesn’t mean I’m not taking pictures.

All the leaves on the ground make it look like this picture was taken in the fall, but it wasn’t. The oak trees here are bizarre. Around March they lose their leaves. As soon as they lose them they grow new ones, and little clusters of pollen. That pollen and I do not get along. It sets my sinuses to drip mode. I’m also allergic to dust and yesterday we cleaned the house (Zach actually did a lot of the work), so my sinuses were overly inflamed and incensed.  The whole time I was at chemo with my dad (which today turned out to be 5 1/2 hours) my nose was dripping and I was sneezing. I hadn’t taken any benadryl before we left because I knew with the boring circumstances All I would want to do would be curl up on the floor and sleep. Point being, I need an everyday allergy medication that doesn’t make you drowsy. Zyrtec, Claritin, Allegra, I don’t know. Anyone find one more useful than others?

Otherwise, its been a fair week. We got much needed rain, the house got mostly cleaned, and I went out. We’ll see what I can tackle tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Talking to adults

  1. I take Claritin D (Publix generic) every day and it helps a lot. I ran out and missed a few days and could really feel the difference.
    I am allergic to pollens and dust will put me on the couch for at least a day.
    Glad you got to go out with Geoff, Jen and Rowan! They are good people:)


  2. Dear, I am on like, nine thousand allergy meds right now and I have tried them ALL. I must say Allegra and singulair are my favorites but singulair is prescription only. Allegra just went OTC (d’oh!) so now it’s more expensive but OTC. You win some, you lose some. Bleh. I do have about a years worth of unopened zyrtec if you want it- but is it legal for me to mail you non-prescription drugs? Federal prison and the hunt for DB Cooper’s money was not on my short-list for 2011…


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