Awareness of mundane

Recently I’ve become extremely well acquainted with my personal bad habits, shortcomings, and stress levels. My stress level is pretty high because of a lot of things. It makes me tired, then I’m not productive, then I’m hard on myself. The house is a mess, I can’t bring myself to clean. I failed the 365 challenge because I just couldn’t find anything interesting to take a picture of one day, so I let it slide. Maybe I should just focus on taking pictures at my own pace. Work in batches instead of a shot or two a day. Right now though, for a multitude of reasons, I feel like an epic failure.

I’ve been worried about my health lately. I need to eat better and exercise more. There’s no way around it. I need to move to Crete, where their lifestyle keeps them alive and healthy for a long time. They eat lots of veggies and beans and fish and nuts. They hardly ever eat red meat. They have the sun and the water surrounding them. Why can’t I have greek ancestors? Instead they’re German and Irish. I guess I’ve been worrying because of my mother and her diabetes heart attack deep vein thrombosis. She’s in the hospital again because her vascular doctor wanted to clean clots out of her right leg and foot. That just freaks me out. It was successful, but the thought of it still freaks me out.

This week is my dad’s last week of chemo, for now at least. Hopefully he gets a break because he’s in pretty lousy shape. He has no energy, doesn’t eat much, and his hair is falling out. Next week they do a CT scan to see if/how much the chemo helped. Times like this I really wish I could be optimistic. I’ve relished this week, though, because the only appointment he has is chemo on Friday. I’ve been able to just stay in bed, because that’s the mood I’m in.

The pool has turned on me. I don’t know what happened, might have been some rain, but it looks like it has algae in it. Either that or its pollen. Either way the pool looks yucky. I’m going to have to vacuum and brush it this weekend. Also need to shock it and hit it with algaecide I guess. The weather warming up seems to mean the pool is more prone to problems. This will be my first summer taking care of the pool. Any advice is appreciated.

Now I weird story. The pool was low on water so I was filling it back up. When it was close to full I went out to clean the skimmer basket and put chlorine in it. Then I turned off the water and came inside. I laid down on my bed and felt something poke my arm, like it was really sharp. I sat up and there was a wasp on my bed. Obviously I’d been stung. It must have come in on my shirt, then I laid on it. I guess it had to stab me to protect itself but damn did it hurt. Also, having big rush of drain flies. Hope its not a sign of a problem.

4 thoughts on “Awareness of mundane

  1. Girl – two words: Pool Man.
    Have someone come do your pool, shouldn’t cost more than $100 a month.
    Second – see the Doc. You are depressed. You don’t have to be.
    Third – Take a picture of anything. The mundane has meaning, too. Go look at Sean runs out of ideas, .
    Reach out. Someone will reach back.


    1. “too.”
      I meant that “Sean runs out of ideas, too.”
      Don’t know where my “too” went. Anyway, read him and look at his pics. He is an everyday guy with a great eye, like you have.


    2. Yeah, he takes good pictures. When I see great photos like that, I always assume the photographer is more creative and lives a more interesting life than I do. I’m just super critical of myself and my own pictures.
      As for the depression, I’m already being treated. Might be time to consider switching some things though. Thanks for the concern.


  2. It’s a tricky, fine line between pushing yourself to expand your creativity and putting pressure on yourself. If something starts to feel like pressure, then just take a new direction and move on.

    Hope your mom and dad both are doing better soon. Do whatever it takes to take care of yourself, and don’t feel bad about it. 🙂


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